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2017 Hard Working Spirit Awards

As we planned our 62nd annual meeting we wanted to do something that would capture the spirit and personality of our members. We asked ourselves who our members really are, and immediately we said that our members live with character, act with passion and feel with empathy. Our members work hard, and they are passionate about what is important to them. Whether it’s a 60 hour work week, spending weekends volunteering at charities, or working around the clock as a loving parent, they believe in what they do! This led us to hosting the inaugural Hard Working Spirit Awards.

We received almost 350 nominations within a month for this award ceremony, and it was VERY difficult to pick winners. After narrowing it down to the best entries the nine people listed below were selected as our winners.

• Skilled Trade – Anthony Holbrook of Westland
• Office – Marnie Bragg of Farmington
• Teaching – Gabrielle Popp of Lincoln Park
• Medical – Stacey Page of Taylor
• Unsung Hero – Christina Bowen of Allen Park
• Community Superstar – LaTonya Meade of Detroit
• Service Industry – Cherie Szilvagyi of Livonia
• Civil Service – Carol Zarek of Livonia
• Hardest Working Member 2017 – Regina Lee of Detroit

Congratulations to each of our award winners, and thank you to everyone that made a nomination! Their hard work, dedication and passion for what they do is an inspiration to everyone, and their efforts are an asset to our community!

Check out all the photos from the event!

(From left: LaTonya Meade, Anthony Holbrook, Marine Bragg, Carol Zarek, Regina Lee, Gabrielle Popp, Christina Bowen, Stacey Page, Cherie Szilvagyi)

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