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Rock Star Savers

Learn, Earn, and Save Like a Rock Star!

When your kids establish good saving habits at an early age, these habits can develop into good saving habits when they’re older. Rock Star Savers is a program especially designed to teach kids that saving money — even a little at a time — can totally rock.


Admission is Easy

Anyone 11 years and younger automatically becomes a Rock Star Saver when they open a regular share account, with a $5 minimum deposit. This first $5 deposit is matched for an extra $5 reward. To get started you will need the child’s birth certificate and social security number.  A parent, legal guardian, or adult relative with proper identification must be joint on the account.


Enjoy the Perks That Come With Being a Rock Star Saver

  • No Account Fees
  • Quarterly Dividends
  • Certificates of Deposit – Rock Star Savers can start out with a small, minimum deposit of $100
  • Welcome Gift – Each new Rock Star Saver will receive a special gift
  • Backstage Passbook – To record your transactions and progress towards rewards


Special Events and Promotions

  • Invitations to Zeal Credit Union sponsored events
  • Birthday Bongo – get a birthday card and grab a handful of coins out of the Birthday Bongo Drum
  • And more!


Upgrade Your Rock Star Status

For every 25 deposits you make, you’ll be upgraded to a new Backstage Pass Level and you’ll receive a free gift! So the more you save, the closer you’ll be to the main act!

  • Level 1 – Roadie
  • Level II – Crew
  • Level III – V.I.P.


Rock Star Saver School Branches

Zeal Credit Union wants to help kids get in tune with their money. That’s why we’ve created school branches. It makes saving a fun and educational experience with the convenience of banking at school! Click here for more information about our school branch program.


Zeal Credit Union Financial Education Series

Zeal Credit Union believes in promoting financial education in the communities we serve. If you work with a student, youth or community group we invite you to contact us. We offer presentations to fit all age levels.  If  you are interested in a financial presentation for your classroom please email tsweet@zealcu.org for more information.


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