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A New Card With Extra Security and the Same Great Benefits

Your new Zeal Credit Union card has an embedded chip to give you added security for your money, but keeps all the same great benefits Zeal has always offered you. The new chip adds an extra layer of security when used at a chip card reader to protect you from fraud and identity theft. Plus, as more stores and restaurants around the world start to use chip card readers, you will be able to use your Zeal Credit Union card in the U.S. and abroad with even more confidence.

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To Use Your Card At A Chip Reader, Simply:


emv-step-1 Insert your Zeal Credit Union card with the chip facing up. Keep in mind that not all chip readers look the same. emv-step-2 Leave in the card reader, and follow the prompts on the screen to complete your purchase. emv-step-3 If a signature is required, just sign, and always remember to take your Zeal Credit Union card when you’re done.
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