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‘Tis the season to shop, so why not save money and earn points?

Take the purchases you’re already going to make this holiday season and put them to work for you with a super-low 10.00% APR* and earn points for every dollar you spend.

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  • Credit line up to $30,000
  • NO Annual Fee
  • Online Account Access
  • Balance Transfers and more!

Between the savings and the Scorecard points you’ll be looking good in the new year.

To see all the benefits of a Zeal Visa Card:

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 * APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Visa platinum variable rate is calculated by adding 4.50% to the Prime Rate(as determined by the Federal Reserve). As of December 20th, 2018 the rate was 10.00%APR. Variable rate information based on Wall Street Journal prime rate appearing in the Money Rate section of The Wall Street Journal published on the last business day proceeding the 16th day of the month. Other Visa programs are also available.

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