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Cyber Security Awareness

October was National Cyber Security Awareness month. With online scams more common than ever, this campaign aims to raise awareness about your security online. Our world is more connected than ever before, and the goal of this campaign is to educate people about the dangers that exist online.

Whether banking, shopping, social networking, tracking your health or downloading the latest app, practicing effective security is critical. All digital consumers must learn to be safe in their digital lives by preventing identity theft and scams, ensuring that your computers are secure, managing the security of mobile devices and teaching your children to use the Internet safely, securely and responsibly.

Below is a series of short videos that explain common online security problems. These videos will explain how to keep yourself safe from digital threats, and what to do if you find a vulnerability. Watch these short videos to make sure you are staying one step ahead of digital scams.

Video 1 – Protect Your Computer from Malware

Video 2 – Public WiFi and Secured Websites 

Video 3 – Tech Support Imposters

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