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Debit or Credit – Which Should You Choose?

At some point you have swiped your debit card through the terminal to be asked if you would like to use credit or debit. There can be good reasons to choose either. The outcome for both options is a deduction to your checking account. However, each is a different process that uses a different network. Let’s say you just swiped your card and the terminal is asking if you want to use debit or credit. If you choose credit you will be asked to sign for the purchase. All signature transactions go through the Visa network and come with additional fraud security, which includes fraudulent use protection and Visa’s Zero Liability Policy. Using the credit option will offer the cardholder better protection. The debit option allows you to get cash back at a retail terminal, but it’s a PIN based transaction which doesn’t go through the Visa network. If you don’t need cash back with your transaction, choosing the credit option can offer you better protection.


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