Zeal Credit Union

Cancellation of Proposed Merger

Zeal Credit Union (Zeal) and People Driven Credit Union (PDCU) have called off their proposed merger, as of July 27, 2017.

Together, we have carefully examined the details of the proposed merger, and have come to the mutual conclusion that the organizations are better served by remaining independent. 

Both Credit Unions are strong financially, highly respected by their members, and have long histories in doing what’s in the best interest of their membership. Zeal and PDCU will continue to serve their members with the money-saving products and services that they are known for, while focusing on the future. 

“We value the opportunity that we had to get to know the team at People Driven Credit Union,” said Anthony Carnarvon, President/CEO of Zeal Credit Union. Through our discussions, we realized that both organizations are unique, and would better serve our memberships as separate entities.”


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