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2018 Hard Working Spirit Award Recipients

When we first started the Hard Working Spirit Awards last year, we did so to give recognition to people that go above and beyond in their daily lives. However, the Spirit Awards are about more than just hard work. They represent people that display passion, character and empathy in their every day lives. They represent people that have a complete dedication to what’s important to them. As we have gathered nominations for the Spirit Awards over the past few years we have seen a lot of heart warming stories. It really is very difficult to select winners.

This year we received almost 300 nominations, and it was difficult to pick winners. After narrowing it down to the best entries, the nine people listed below were selected as our winners.

  • Skilled Trade – Wesley Kasperski of Allen Park
  • Office – Lajanis Allen of Taylor
  • Teaching – Aminah Steele of Southfield
  • Medical – Susan Beebe of Livonia
  • Unsung Hero – Ron Sheeler of Southgate
  • Community Superstar – Jennifer Wakenell of Livonia
  • Service Industry – Stephanie Booth of Garden City
  • Civil Service – David Zarek of Livonia
  • Hardest Working Member 2017 – Dawn Corey of Garden City

Congratulations to each of our award winners, and thank you to everyone that made a nomination! Their hard work, dedication and passion for what they do is an inspiration to everyone, and their efforts are an asset to our community!

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